Happy New Year?:

The last hour of 2016 is killing me.
  1. There's a NYE party at my house right now
  2. But I'm not about that life, so I'm hiding out in the dining room
  3. I can't go to sleep because my mom wants me to stay awake for the party
  4. My dad doesn't have to join the party
    He's lucky
  5. Right now, my dad is in a quiet room watching The Twilight Zone like he does every year
    So lucky!!!
  6. The loud noises and people are killing my ears
    Tinnitus sucks
  7. I'm dizzy and tired and I just want 2017 to be a thing already
  8. Help
  9. I hope everyone else is having a grand time, though
    Really, I do
  10. Happy New Year? 🍾