1. I received this thing for Christmas
  2. It's called a 'lunicycle'
  3. No seat, no brake, no handlebars
    There are leg supports, which are pretty much the training wheels of seatless unicycles.
  4. Step 1: Assembly
  5. Step 2: Air
    Extremely easy.
  6. Step 3: Ride
    Surprisingly easy.
  7. Goal: Make it down and back this stretch without using the walls for support
  8. Attempt 1: Made it to the gas meter 🎉
    1 foot away
  9. Attempt 2: Made it past the gas meter 🎈
    2 feet away
  10. Attempt 3:
  11. Good start
  12. Made it past the gas meter
    ALMOST touched the wall (but look at that space 👀)
  13. So close...
  14. SUCCESS!
  15. It was 24-feet... maybe? I don't know. I'm not great at estimating distance.
  16. It took 4 minutes to learn.
    Granted, I already knew how to ride a normal unicycle and this one had leg supports.
  17. Is it comfortable?
    I don't know yet 🤔. It requires more effort than a normal unicycle and is a bit tiring, to be honest. Not having a seat is weird.
  18. Is is better than a normal unicycle?
    Heck no.
  19. Is it fun?
    Of course!
  20. Verdict: I like it.
    I could see myself using this more often than a normal unicycle because it takes up less space.
  21. Local
    Look at those arms flail