If you're reading this, I want to know more about you. What's going on? How are you? Is there anything cool going on in your life now? Anything not so cool? I want to know.
  1. My English teacher asked us to make new, different friends over the weekend in honor of MLK Day. I don't plan on going outside this weekend. So... tell me about yourself! 😊
  2. Hey I'm in Louisiana. It's a week into Mardi Gras season and I still haven't had a king cake yet. Wah
    Suggested by @jannychan
  3. @jannychan Good luck getting some king cake. Looks delicious 😋
  4. Sadie, graphic designer from San Francisco! I'm reading East of Eden right now and it's amazing!! ✨📖✨
    Suggested by @sadiewills
  5. @sadiewills John Steinbeck is great. I haven't read that one yet, but I'm hoping to eventually.
  6. I'm in Georgia and I just got my master's in social work. I am excited to be going to the women's march on Washington next weekend, and here is a picture of my cat, Jalapeño, and my dog, Milo
    Suggested by @sarahsolene
  7. @sarahsolene I love your pets and admire your advocation. Have a good time next week!
  8. I'm in Eureka, CA. My husband and I have an exciting day planned tomorrow as he has the day off for MLK Jr.'s birthday. A trip to Costco, stop by Verizon for a new phone and 🤞🏼to see LaLa Land.
    There's an event in town celebrating his birthday. We'll stop by in between our errands. What are your plans?
    Suggested by @angela3950
  9. @angela3950 Sounds like a fun day. I hope you enjoy the movie!
  10. 🙋🏻 I'm over here raising teenage boys. With my husband thank God.
    Suggested by @pathb
  11. @pathb good luck 😂
  12. Hey! 👋🏼 I abandoned an unfulfilling career to stay home with my kids, write, & figure out what to pursue next
    ...in a nutshell, I guess? Basically, I'm a person who is incredibly lucky to have good family & friends. I love tour list idea as interpretation of your teacher's instructions 🙌🏼 Pleased to meet you!
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama
  13. @dreadpiratemama Interesting... I think it's cool that you're doing something you enjoy.
  14. Hello! I'm soléna, I'm 31 and I live in France. I currently have no career, a complicated relationship and no idea where I'm gonna be in 6 months. But I'm mostly happy. Nice to meet you! I noticed you have a crab next to your name so maybe you're an astrological cancer like me?
    Suggested by @solena
  15. @solena I'm an Aries that just likes the crab emoji 🦀