1. "Katy Perry definitely does not have scoliosis." -G
  2. "I accidentally listened to an acoustic version of Trap Queen and I was very upset." - C
  3. "I'm a collaborator when it comes to my body." -H
  4. "This is the best $30 I've spent in my life." -D
    In reference to the RIDICULOUS, but acceptable amount of embroidery thread for hair wraps
  5. "I just tickled her asshole." - anon.
  6. "Gotta pay the troll toll! "-C
    Cost: 1 glass of rosè
  7. "Hey, guys, do you think we should have cake for breakfast?" -G
  8. "Yeah man, the 70's were like the rennesiance of sex." -D
  9. "What?! The things that you love aren't good for your body?!" -H
    Precursor to an evening that can best be described as a Wolf of Wall Street reenactment.
  10. "I will drive a million fucking mini vans for you guys!" -D
  11. "Just be a cool dog." -D
  12. "Punch me in the stomach!" -C
  13. "Whatever gets the job Day Day done." -D