5 Absolute Worst Names in the Hunger Games universe

Surprisingly Katniss and Peeta didn't make my list...
  1. Gloss
    Just an overall terrible name for the 75th hunger games male tribute from district 1. Just say it out loud... It's a gross word.
  2. Glimmer
    They have totally taken away the poor girls agency by giving her this name.
  3. Plutarch Heavensbee
    Love the character, hate this name. I think it's the "plu" sound that really makes me gag!
  4. Fulvia Cardew
    This is Plutarch's assistant and she definitely has one of the worst names in the book. It sounds like something you would dissect in an anatomy class.
  5. Cressida
    The kick ass camera lady's name sounds like a mix between toothpaste and an std! Ew!