... At least in my opinion.
  1. Energy - Op Ivy
    I can't even express how much I love this album. But the idea that I would probably never see them play in my life did hurtle me into a months long depression that I'm still working through... That's love!
  2. ...And Out Come the Wolves -Rancid
    This album... Holy shit... It starts with Maxwell Murder... And then continues to kick ass til the very end. Every song is fantastic... Though Journey to the End of East Bay is my favorite song on any album! It makes my heart flutter! PLUS the album title includes ellipses... Love ellipses. Haha!
  3. All Ages - Bad Religion
    This is the best 'best of album' ever!!! Most days 'I want to conquer the world" is my mood!
  4. Destruction by Definition - The Suicide Machines
    When I think of quintessential punk songs of my youth 90% of this album pops into my head. What says the 1990's and skateboarder Punk better than singing about wearing Vans...