Pretty self explanatory. How I would rank the marvel cinematic universe movies from iron man to antman, with a brief explanation of why I did or did not like it. Bare in mind this is all just my personal opinion and I never was into comics prior to the movies. So the MCU is actually what got me into buying comics in my mid 20s and I still am.
  1. Iron Man
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    Maybe this is a cop out, but it's the one that started it all. It could have bombed if they didn't do it right, but it didn't. From the casting of RDJ, to the first post credit scene, I feel like this one will always hold a special place in my MCU list.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy
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    I feel this film and Ant Man are the only 2 in the mcu that are different. As mentioned I was not into comics prior to iron man so I had no knowledge of GOTG before I saw it. To be honest I had my expectations low. I get that they're essentially the "space avengers," but they didn't have a line of films building up to it specifically. In fact I may move this up my list. I feel it really a stands out compared to the other 11.(originally had this at 4)
  3. The Avengers
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    Seeing the culmination of individual super hero movies rolled into one wasn't something I had seen before. For that reason alone this is towards the top for me. I enjoyed the banter mixed in with the action. The scene where Iron Man, Thor and Captain America chase down Loki is one of my favorites. And with lines like "puny god" and "we have a hulk" what's not to love.
  4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
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    The Captain America movies are really a 4a and 4b for me. I really only put this one ahead because Ive never been a fan of old war movies. Not that The First Avenger was really an old war movie, but movies from that timeframe never do it for me. Like I said above this is just my opinion and that said the first cap movie made my top 5. More on the winter soldier, I like Bucky returning, the introduction of falcon and the foreshadowing of crossbones. As a fan of the tv show SHIELD that helped
  5. Captain America: The First Avenger
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    Already prefaced from above. I like cap because he's the "every mans hero." He's an average guy who's given super strength, but his morals and code of ethics don't change from who he was before. And like I mentioned, even though I'm generally not a fan of period pieces, this is a top 5 for me inside the MCU
  6. Ant Man
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    Like Guardians, this was a step away from the normal formula for MCU. It was more of a heist film and like many reviews already stated, Michael Peña stole the show. I like the nods to the avengers, Paul Rudd's comedic timing and the whole shrinking thing brought me back to honey I shrunk the kids.
  7. Avengers: Age of Ultron
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    I know this one had its share of negative reviews, but I enjoyed it. There was no need for an "avengers assemble" moment. You just jump right into the action. I will say the banner/black widow thing seemed to come out of nowhere, but again the banter is something I enjoyed. That as well as the action and introduction of the twins and what the "new avengers" may look like. Plus James Spader as Ultron was delightful.
  8. The Incredible Hulk
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    I know not a lot of people liked this, but I've always been partial to the hulk and I really enjoyed it. I thought Edward Norton did a fine job(that said I feel like Ruffalo was a fine replacement). Anytime Tim Roth is a villain, I'm in. Thought it was a good flick, just wish MCU would put some more time into Hulk
  9. Thor: The Dark World
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    Never been a big fan of Norse mythology, but I did enjoy this movie. I liked it more than the first and I'm not sure if it's because I had seen more of Thor in the Avengers or what exactly it was, but comparing the two Thors I definitely enjoyed this one more. Especially Lokis roll and how it sets up Ragnarok.
  10. Thor, Iron Man 2 & 3
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    I'll be honest, going into Thor not knowing much(anything) about it didn't help my experience with this movie. Even watching it again after the others I still can't get into it. And inasmuch as I loved the first iron man I feel the other two are forgettable. I think RDJ does a great job as tony stark, but I can't put either of them or the first Thor above the other 9 films.