On two wheels
  1. Just keep going
  2. Duh. You have a drivers license but you don't currently have it on you because it's in the safe.
  3. Your passport is also in the safe
  4. So is your international drivers license and all your money.
  5. Don't let them take your key
  6. No you don't have any money
  7. Your moving to a new house as we speak
  8. Pretend you are going to follow them to where they say to pull over. Obey. Then rip the throttle.
  9. Act like you don't understand.
  10. Take the ticket not the bribe.
  11. Tell them you're happy to write the embassy to let them know about their corruption because you are bringing money and business to their country
  12. Yell. It totally catches them off guard.
  13. Do what they would least expect.
  14. Don't let them take your bike registration in the seat compartment
  15. Tell them you just paid off the previous police in the same spot the day before
  16. Pretend you are going to get your registration to get your key back. Then put it in your pocket until they give up and let you go.
  17. Tell them they are bad
  18. Use words like corrupt, embassy, violation and why not take a photo of their badge ;)
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  19. Success! Look at all the other motor bikes to blend with.