I'm a podcast addict
  1. Planet money
    For their insightful, yet often humorous take on economics, current affairs, business news that often are strange yet true. Like the totally legal raisin cartel in California, how Japan started eating raw salmon, and other random factoids
  2. Invisibilia
    One of my absolute all time favourites! When is it coming back? The podcast presents interesting cases and stories that reveal human psychology and behaviour
  3. Moth
    They brought back the art of story telling!
  4. Love and radio
    Interviews, great insightful story telling and relevant profiles of people/issues
  5. Lime town
    Completely fictional mystery thriller
  6. Welcome to night vale
    Warning: this podcast is certainly not for everybody. It's strange, a bit bizarre, set in a fictional slightly goth-like town
  7. This American life
    If you know podcasts at all there's no need to describe this one
  8. Timothy Keller's sermons
    He is an amazing teacher of the bible and every podcast almost always bring and fresh take on subjects that seem old and oft-repeated