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I had to leave FB in November
  1. Everything prayer related
  2. Those speedy videos of a recipe being prepped. Especially the ones involving Krab meat, crushed Oreos and canned pizza sauce.
  3. The lack of visually appealing graphic design
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  1. People will stop "reaching out" to me and just call me. Like they used to. Before everyone was reaching out.
    An office supply salesman reached out to me last week
  2. Famous people will stop whoring themselves out for credit card companies.
    Samuel Jackson? JFC.
  3. When I call Walgreens they will shut the fuck up about calling 911
  4. When I ask for a tiny bit of whipped cream on my latte the barista won't act like I asked for Smucker's marshmallow topping.
A chihuahua mix rescue makes you a better person
  1. The chihuahua I speak of
  2. Do you want to get married?
  3. You know most chihuahuas live 20 years, right?
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