1. "Oh I thought you would be a man"
  2. "Don't your parents know that Alexis is a man's name in Europe? Latin America?"
  3. i am very obviously female identifying why have you made this situation more uncomfortable than it already is
  4. "You're tall"
  5. after 20 years you think I would have responses better than "thanks" or "hah yeah"
  6. oh you're from where oh no no I see where this is-
  7. "Where are you from?"
  8. Fuck
  9. Fuck
  10. Fuck
  11. okay kiddos sit tight and get ready for my life story
  12. what? oh sorry I don't usually sound like this
  13. just a little sick right now...allergies
  14. (low key I'm dying all the time I'm an old woman)
  15. "Oh you're an anthro major? Wow...what are you going to do with that?"
  16. take my degree and shove it up your ass
  17. don't remind me that I will inevitably be overworked and underpaid
  18. I lack the requisite math skills to gain economic capital
  19. ...
  20. ... ... ....
  21. alright this has been sub par
  22. gonna try to exit this conversation sloooooowly
  23. shit what's your name
  24. I at least want to be polite and convey that I've gained something from this exchange
  25. while this isn't true I think it's the thought that counts
  26. okay okay just going to fade away
  27. there we go sweet, sweet loneliness
  28. time to go make some tea and knit some sad scarves