1. Sha la la la la la la.
    'Nuff said.
  2. I wish I was beautiful.
    This is super relatable. In our beauty focused culture, it's so reassuring to hear that even the best looking celebrities could stand to look more beautiful.
  3. Hey guys, we're the Counting Crows and we're happy to introduce you to our #1 hit song from the Shrek 2 soundtrack.
    There's a chance I heard them say this during one of the MANY Crow shows I went to in 2004.
  4. You know gray is my favorite color.
    Mine is baby blue, but this list isn't about me.
  5. I wanna be Bob Dylan.
    This is a great part of their live show where the band stops playing right here and everyone in the audience starts yelling out who they'd rather be. Some people also want to be Bobby D!