1. Listening to more podcasts.
    Podcasts are a fantastic way to effortlessly gain knowledge learn about anything you want. Podcasts I've been listening to (lately): Freakonomics, cat & cloud, NPR, stuff you missed in history class, and philosophy now
  2. Eating healthy
    Going back to a vegan diet. Not eating out anymore. Not eating after 8 pm.
  3. Working out more.
    I've been working out more. Even if it means running with the dogs if I can't make it to the gym.
  4. Making lists!
    I started making to-do lists, and daily goals to help achieve what I want.
  5. Reading and writing twice as much.
  6. Staying on routine.
    I started going to bed early and getting a full nights sleep. This helped me work on continuity in everyday tasks.