caution: this may be a little negative
  1. boys suck
    at least the ones who lie & don't appreciate what they have
  2. being alone is not the worst thing in the world
  3. pay attention to what people show you, ignore half of what they tell you
  4. be careful how you treat people because that may end up being the way someone treats in the future
  5. girlfriends who know exactly what to say are the best 💕
  6. don't let niggas stress you
    they come in abundance. I let one go, got 2 more
  7. I think I'm finally ready to learn how to cook
    I'm becoming obsessed with buzzfeed food videos
  8. Ohio is definitely not the place for me
    home for 9 days is definitely enough for me.. take me back to DC!
  9. I'm so ready for bounce back season