I have a lot to say...in my head
  1. Merry Christmas to All, and to All, an Infinity Scarf!
  2. Why is there no music?
  3. Do not engage
    Under any circumstance
  4. Secret Santa wasn't limited to handmade gifts?
  5. I'd ask if she needs help in the kitchen, but it truly appears that she's got things covered
    Wouldn't want to make her insecure
  6. Smize like you mean it
  7. Rey bobblehead??!!!
  8. Can I connect my phone to your Sonos?
  9. Have another
  10. Have one, please
  11. Keep calm and call bullshit
  12. Is my mother giving my niece the same career advice she gave me 25 yrs ago?
    I'm unemployed because I hated my job
  13. Granpas battle for nicest man ever
  14. Can I put egg nog in my coffee?
  15. Yes, yes I will have more pie