If it hasn't already happened, it probably will
  1. Traffic, routes taken, changing landmarks
    When did the Maggianno's near the highway become Carrabba's?
  2. The Force Awakens
    May be a short conversation since people are generally in agreement that it was great. Except for your contrarian cousin who feels that the plot borrowed to much from previous films.
  3. Best combinations on cheese plate
    Winner is Gorgonbert + salami spread + fig jam on rainforest cracker
  4. When and where you saw first three Star Wars movies
    May devolve into discussion of when Star Wars and Empire were on heavy rotation on HBO. May further devolve into conversations about So Fine, Kidco and the cool HBO intro that went over the little town
  5. Which are the TRUE first three movies and whether to refer to them by name or number
    If you don't know the answer, you're wrong
  6. Egg Nog -- good or bad?
    Kaitlyn hates egg nog but looooves herself an Egg Nog Latte. Caitlin only likes the ENL from Dean an Deluca.
  7. Trump's latest tweet
    Uncle Frank admires his fearlessness...Contrarian Cousin walks out because she 'Can't even'
  8. Season 1 of Leftovers vs. Season 2 of True Detective
    Theme song battle is separate but equally controversial discussion