I was there from the start for The Wire, Arrested Development, MadMen and others. But I did miss these. I blame my spouse.
  1. Breaking Bad
    It just feels like you had to be there when it was happening
  2. Fargo
    This is most likely to still happen, esp because I'm only 2 seasons behind
  3. Deadwood
    This was when HBO owned me, but somehow it didn't take
  4. Friday Night Lights
    'I refuse to watch any movies or shows about High School Football' - Husband walking out of Varsity Blues
  5. Pretty Little Liars
    Ok, not critically acclaimed but I do love the teens. Especially when they aren't vampires.
  6. Louie
    Got midway through S2. Absolutely no reason to stop watching, so I'm going to blame my then infant. With only 30 minute eps, I have high hopes
  7. Walking Dead
    I know I should give zombies a chance, but it seems that I'm insurmountably behind