I play settlers of catan and drink wine
  1. Almost typed cats instead of catan - settlers of cats would be a cool game
  2. If you had the pirate and the robber on your side you would win - you should be able to convince them to be your friends
  3. Rolling in the sheep
  4. I feel one day someone looking to make money will try to make a settlers of catan movie - it will be bad
  5. Honesty is the best policy
  6. Radical honesty
  7. Why would he only give us half?
  8. I need some wood 😉
  9. But actually I wanna build a fucking road
  10. My sheep are better than your sheep
  11. Sadness and defeat
  12. I will be the victor
  13. Wonder what I have to do to make the robber my friend
  14. Maybe roll a 7?