When most people think of talents they think of people that are exceptionally good at art or a musical instrument or athletics. There are so many less obvious talents that are so useful and fun to discover!
  1. I am good at mixing people.
  2. I am good at giving people gifts they didn't realize they would love.
  3. I am good at copying things ... I could be a forger if I felt so inclined. ☺️
  4. I am good at practicing skills that I really want to develop and not getting discouraged about sucking.
  5. I am good at accurately imagining how something will taste before I try it.
  6. I am good at subtly manipulating situations to make them comfortable for all.
  7. I am good at not being noticed if I don't want to be!
  8. I am good at naming things. Babies, pets, products, you name it!😁
  9. I am good at not thinking I am better than you just because I know what I'm good at. I also know what I'm not good at and that's ok with me! I wish everyone would realize how valuable their not so obvious talents can be!