Looking for a good brewery experience in upstate NY? Start here
  1. Grist Iron Brewery
    Seneca Lake, Hector, NY. Wonderful view, food, good choice of brews to try
  2. Heavily Brewing, Odessa, NY
    Fun, relaxed brewery with outdoor seating, great popcorn and you can get brews from other breweries here.
  3. Rooster Fish, Watkins Glen
    You must try the macaroni & cheese here while testing their beers. It is fabulous.
  4. Sharkey's Landing, Seneca Lake
    Great view, wine also available with outdoor seating. Food also available
  5. Steuben Brewery, Keuka Lake
    Popcorn! Great beer! What's not to like? Oh and a great view of the lake
  6. Keuka Brewery, Hammondsport, NY
    Good choices of beer, popcorn!
  7. Horseheads Brewing, Horseheads, NY
    Local with good choices.
  8. Upstate Brewing, Lake Rd, Horseheads, NY
    Good beers, can't wait for their expansion to be finished so you can sit outside!