How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
  1. Wake me up
    Alarm app
  2. Check the weather
    Native weather app
  3. Check Twitter
    Tried for 5 min. 20 min later...
  4. Check how long I was on Twitter
    Moment app
  5. Check Facebook
    5 min. Really
  6. Take a pic
    ... On the way to the gym. Native app
  7. Send pic to Twitter
    'Morning #halifax!
  8. Track exercise - 3 apps
    Footsteps, Lose It! & heart Rate Free
  9. Text good morning to friend
    Native messaging app
  10. Add New Yorker cartoon to text
    Camera app frame grab. Doesn't count as using Snapchat, I guess. 😉
  11. Check and reply to email
    Native app
  12. Try some slideshow presentation apps
    Slideshark, PowerPoint
  13. Make this list, duh
    The List.
  14. Apps used so far today:14
    (Add to To do list: find 12th Doctor GIFs)