1. I got the nickname "Sue" from my ex stepmom, Lucy
    My full name is Susan Ann Smith
  2. I just cut off all my hair!
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  3. I was very scared!
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    I'm getting older and I thought it would never grow back
  4. But I wanted to look like Taylor Swift
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  5. Long hair is a lot of work
    It didn't look good unless I curled it and it took forever to dry
  6. Anyway here are some more facts
  7. I cooked about 70% of my meals at home this week
    That's a personal record!
  8. I like nature and the city equally
    It took me a long time to admit I liked nature bc I wanted to be a true urbanite
  9. I am a Gemini
    It's pretty obvious
  10. I identify with rednecks
    My people
  11. I love a good deal
    And can't resist e.l.f. and forever 21.
  12. I'm going through a renaissance
    I hope that means "positive phase."