I've done a lot of research and now present you with my findings.
  1. Start with plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt.
    I know this sounds boring, but you just gotta trust me here. Let go and let God. As I said, I've done extensive research. Fage or Chobani 0% are the best.
  2. Pomegranate seeds
    Frozen ones aren't as annoying and will make u feel as though you're consuming a dessert item when really it's just a healthy snack.
  3. Almond butter
    U gotta mix that shit real good. Use a separate yogurt spoon and almond butter spoon (or knife if you're feeling crazy.)
  4. Walnuts
    You need a nice meaty nut in there. (That's what she said.) walnuts are the cheapest but you could also use pecans or whatever. I don't care.
  5. Chia seeds
    These will get stuck in your teeth like those idiot poppy seeds do, but they're all the rage and allegedly have a ton of protein. Side note: are these the same things you slather on a ceramic chia pet? I could never get mine to grow. My dad's secretary, Sandy, says I have my mom's green thumb, which I think is an insult.
  6. Agave
    Yeah, ok, it's a super cliche sweetener but it really does the trick. It's not overly sweet like honey or sticky like almond butter and I think it's supposed to be better bc of the glycemic index? I'm not sure what that means but it's a good sugar, not a bad one.