Each one is a remarkable little snowflake but it had to be done.
  1. House Hunters Renovation
    The couple might get a total dud & not know till after they bought it...The story arc is thrilling.
  2. Rehab Addict
    Nicole Curtis cares about old stuff & is a hard worker
  3. House Hunters International
    It's basically a geography lesson.
  4. House Hunters OG
    If I still smoked weed, this is what it would feel like.
  5. Tiny House Hunters
    Infuriating, yet enlightening.
  6. Love It or List It
    The British lady is fascinating!!! And also you really get to know the families.
  7. Property Brothers
    I mean, I'm not gonna turn the channel, but it's definitely not my first choice.
  8. Vacation House for Free
    I wish this show incorporated more woodland areas.
  9. Beach Front Bargain Hunt
    It gets redundant. The weather & properties are so similar that it's the Groundhog's Day of HGTV shows.
  10. Flip or Flop
    I don't think the flippers care that much about their work. Sorry.