I teach acting at a film school. This week, our summer HS program started with kids from all over the world who live in dorms and take classes for 1-4 weeks. It's amazing to see NYC through their eyes.
  1. I have one named EBay
    I finally got up the nerve to ask him and, apparently, it's a family name.
  2. They're obsessed with what I eat
    Greek yogurt, Pret a Manger, idk maybe I'm exotic.
  3. They don't know who Nirvana is
    I found this out during Hotspot
  4. Two boys dyed their hair
    Axel and Jaime, who live in the dorms, both dyed their hair orange 😄 Also, Axel had never heard of Axel Rose before.
  5. They confuse Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse.
    Also found out during Hotspot.
  6. They don't think comedy is legit
    When we improvise they ask to do something "harder." I got news for ya: comedy's tough!
  7. They hate fun.
    Because they think it's not productive.
  8. They're way too hard on themselves
    This kid from Columbia made himself memorize a ten minute Charlie Chaplin speech as a personal challenge.
  9. One girl has two dads and four brothers
    I asked her what she did when she got her period for the first time. she said, "Google." That was probably out of bounds she's only 13 but I had to know.
  10. I'm a mixture of Parker and Sara
    I always pick the kids I identify with the most. Right now, it's the super type A girl who said, "School is my life!" And the girl who's a cutter. I feel for her.
  11. They have no idea who they are
    I ask them for two adjectives to describe themselves and meltdowns ensue.
  12. Weird is a good thing.
    When I asked them for their adjectives, several said "weird" and I told them to pick a more positive word. One student said, "Miss, in our generation, weird is a good thing." Our generation lol.
  13. They're sweet little babies who are embarrassed by everything.