You're only as sick as your secrets.
  1. Stay At Home Club
    The best new t-shirt company. I have one that says SAD SONGS.
  2. @0Hour1 on Twitter
    A member of Anonymous working to take down the Manitwoc PD and expose the real #MakingAMurderer killers. I'm refreshing that feed all damn day.
  3. A psychic in Sedona
    Her name is Jane and she taps into my soul. More useful than therapy I swear. Really, we all just want to know it's gonna be ok, amiright?
  4. Hypnosis
    Ok, tbh I don't know if I'm into it yet but Jane suggested I go to remove my fear. Tomorrow is my first session--suggestions appreciated!
  5. Adult Coloring Books
    Apparently this is a thing people are into but scared to talk about. I have a good one called Unicorns are Jerks. Crayons>colored pencils.
  6. Flip or Flop
    I used to not watch it because the idea of flipping is obscene to me when the Rehab Addict exists. HOWEVER, each episode is so action-packed that I can't resist. (Good story editing is the 🔑 to a solid reality show.)
  7. Barilla Extra Protein Pasta
    Cheap pasta with surprisingly clean ingredients.
  8. Granola
    @austinnewyork makes small-batch granola at home and I eat it at least 2x daily.
  9. Maple!!!
    New delivery service in NYC comparable to sweetgreen. No brick and mortar locations. Menu changes daily. $12 for lunch, $15 for dinner (including tax and tip.)
  10. The Ex-Mormon Subreddit
    Fascinating. I love cult-like religious stuff.
  11. True Crime
    I just discovered HLN in the Hilton Garden Inn last week A++ (Making a Murderer, Serial and The Jynx are a given.)
  12. DJ Khaled on Snapchat
    I'm on the verge of being over it, but for now his feed is so, so inspirational.
  13. Bamboo Pillows
    And sheets. And toothbrushes.
  14. Poshmark
    I have a small cottage industry happening on there very proud of my side hustle.
  15. Smartwool socks
    The warmest for real
  16. GIF keyboard
    GIFs enlarge my life. Make sure you use Safe GIF, though.
  17. Friends, family, wedding planning
    And my cats💗