Food is so good.
  1. Indian
    We'd all still be small-town hillbillies without 6th St.
  2. Bagels
    Whole wheat everything with strawberry cc can you even?
  3. Kale and its offshoots
    We're talking green things: juice, kale salads, smoothies with a bespoke type of protein. Life is good.
  4. Pizza
    Yes. Grandma slice, thin crust, regular, the list goes on.
  5. Iced coffee
    We are so good at it
  6. Sushi
    For the humid days when your body thinks it's not even hungry
  7. Chipotle
    It counts.
  8. Taco trucks
    The best feeling is when the taco truck guy knows your name.
  9. Deli sandwiches
    BLT wraps are good, too. Healthy bc no carbs.