here we go I am open to suggestions 💪🏽 I really hope this is a judgment-free zone.
  1. Catfish/MTV
    Made by Andrew Jarecki, aka Robert Durst's BFF, so duh, ya ding-dong.
  2. Keeping Up With the Kardashians and its many spinoffs/E!
    Real recognize real. There's some heavy shit going on this season. If you're unfamiliar with their oeuvre, start from the beginning on Netflix.
  3. Married At First Sight/A&E
    Marriages arranged by psychologists. One of the therapists is named Dr. Pepper and no one laughs about it wtf.
  4. The Real Housewives of NYC/Bravo
    2/3 of them are divorced or in the process of divorcing and it's sad and I look up to them but not really in a good way.
  5. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills/E!
    EJ Johnson (Magic's son) is my favorite with that girl Morgan in a close second. She's smart and admits to having a weave!
  6. HGTV
    Rehab Addict, any House Hunters franchise (though Netflix has several seasons avail)
  7. Shark Tank/CNBC
    American Dream 101 actually Barbara Corcoran's pretty cool even though she basically destroyed affordable housing in NYC I'm naive I guess
  8. Kitchen Nightmares/FOX
    Gordon Ramsey constantly says, "What is this?" real Britishy... He renovated this pizza place in the Valley that this guy runs with his twin brother and they look like humpy dumpy and anyway I went there once and their 'za is to die for.
  9. Hotel Hell/FOX
    Same as Kitchen Nightmares, but with hotels. tbh, this show ruined b&bs for me.
  10. Flea Market Flip/GAC
    Lara Spencer teaches ppl how to make money buying cheap stuff from upstate and selling it to suckers like me in Brooklyn.
  11. My Big Fat Fabulous Life/TLC
    Whitney is amazing and a great dancer. Her parents need to cut it out.
  12. Intervention/A&E
    It'll make you grateful and hug your cat. THE show for when u wanna have feelings.