Based on what I've observed from my cars, Brin and Noodle.
  1. You'd get to sleep all day
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    That's literally all they do
  2. You don't have to shower
    Because you bathe with your tongue.
  3. You'd always be soft
    But maybe humans would always think they could use you as a pillow so it might not be that cool
  4. You can be moody
    And people would say, "Oh she's a cat, she's just like that."
  5. You can ask for food ALL THE TIME
    And it never gets old because it's adorable
  6. You'd be able to meow
    And have different cool meows depending on whether you were talking to a bird or your cat sister or your mom.
  7. Catnips
    When people are into stuff that makes them hyper, they get Interventioned, but when cats do it, it's just cats being cats.