Birthdays are weird but I'm a Gemini so I get excited and bummed at the same time. Anyway, this was a good one and here's why.
  1. I got to sleep in
    I honestly never thought 9:30 would be "sleeping in"
  2. I had iced coffee and pastries from Blue Stove!
  3. I took a long shower
    When I get up for work, the neighbor has been showering at the same time as me and the water gets cold and I'm sad. Since it was later, I got all the hot water in the world.
  4. @austinnewyork and I saw First Show Last Show at 190 Bowery
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    I am a comedian but this is not a joke
  6. I said yes, of course
    I WAS SO SURPRISED. And I'm a tough person to surprise.
  7. And we had a nice long lunch at Dimes
    I had two weird chlorophyll drinks
  8. And a nap
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    We were pooped from all the emotion. Side note: that's the moody cat and she purred for an hour bc she was happy for us :-)
  9. And @scarlycurtis got us tickets to a cool show
  10. Then we ate grilled cheeses and milkshakes.
  11. And I felt very grateful.