1. Sugar
    those strawberry Popsicle things from the deli with fruit pieces in them sometimes coconut if I'm feeling edgy
  2. Shortalls
    Oh god yes
  3. Spontaneous hangs
    Running into friends in McCarren or on Graham Ave and just hangin like villains
  4. 😎epic shades😎
    They make you feel cool as hell
  5. Birkenstocks
    Nature's perfect shoe
  6. Sunshine
    U don't even need anti depressants when the sun is shining real loud
  7. The smell of grass
    After it's just been mowed
  8. Driving on a country road
    With a destination in mind like the lake nearby
  9. Biking
    You feel like the king of NYC with a good bike
  10. A tan
    Like a nice, smooth baby tan. No freckles.
  11. Pedicures
  12. NYC streets are blissfully quiet
    No one wants to smell our hot garbage that's only for the natives
  13. A good bad book
    Currently reading Primates of Park Avenue
  14. Watermelon