With my friends, not just by myself
  1. Two Roberta's pizzas
    @danimop was on pizza duty
  2. Two lobstah rolls
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    From Red Hook Lobster Pound. Caralyn waited in line for those
  3. Shrimp nachos
    From like an Asian taco place with a long line
  4. Spinach peanut noodles
    From Hong Kong Street Food cart
  5. Scallion pancakes
    From the Hong Kong place
  6. It was too much food
  7. But then we got dessert!
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    People's Pops (raspberry apricot) and cookie ice cream sandwich
  8. There were too many people in the park
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  9. Here's everything we ate
    Well I keep trying to post a sweet aerial pic of our feast but the app keeps crashing.