1. Woke up at 8:15
    I was supposed to teach a class at 9 and my hair was greasy
  2. Got to school 15 minutes late
    I emailed Gabe at the front desk so it was cool
  3. Taught a 30 person improv class
    Another teacher didn't show up so they merged our classes, which made for a cool game of Hot Spot
  4. Tried to tell my students to ground their wacky ideas in reality
    You can have a fetus collection as long as you tell us why.
  5. Did a consultation about joke writing
    I probably need a better analogy for how to write a setup punchline joke than just, "Adults who drink milk are weird. That's a baby's drink."
  6. Came back to brooklyn and got groceries
    I just got paid so I bought two Morningstar Farms items and two types of berries and maybe went a little overboard
  7. Got an email saying that since I'm not full time at my writing job, my co-worker is taking my desk.
    Still deciding whether I should act on my rage. I had a really nice setup. I haven't responded yet because I'm exercising the pause button.
  8. Went to the park with my manager
    And gossiped a little. I didn't book a job I thought I had so we tried to figure out who did. The network did send her a nice email though.
  9. Went to the bike shop
    And the guy was rude. Why are all bike shop guys rude?
  10. Made pasta
    I bought two boxes instead of one. (Overboard!)
  11. Going to BAM to see David Sedaris.
    Still deciding if I should drive or ride my bike. I have about a thousand excuses why I shouldn't ride my bike and that might be another list but basically I hate exercising.
  12. Update: David Sedaris was amazing
    I forgot how much he inspired me. In my high school physics class (I can't believe I ever took that) this kid who was obsessed with Bonobo monkeys gave me a copy of Barrel Fever and it resonated with Who I Was.... Tonight, he wore culottes.
  13. Update: new desk isn't so bad
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