I've lived in the same apartment off the L for four years and it's a little slice of heaven don't tell nobody.
  1. Everyone smiles and says hi
    Just the right amount of interaction with your neighbors.
  2. The panini shop
    Oh god it's so good. The NYPD sandwich? fughaddaboutit
  3. The mailman
    He has a perm and wears a Bluetooth.
  4. Some important people live nearby.
  5. My landlord grew up in our building.
  6. Babies and dogs!
    My favorite (dog) is the one with different colored eyes. Finn across the street is my favorite baby.
  7. The old pug who lives up the street and walks slowly.
    Sometimes his owner carries him
  8. Parking!
    We can always find street parking and only have to move the car twice a week.
  9. Pizza places and nail salons aplenty.
  10. The dog boarding place feeds our cats when we're away.
  11. That one tree that only blooms at night in the summer
    What's it called? It's real pretty.
  12. The Meat Shop guy
    It's a weird place with sawdust floors but the owner leans out the door every morning and says hi to people on their way to work.
  13. The old people who sit outside
    The couple next door keeps dog treats under their lawn chairs
  14. The pharmacist always remembers my name.
    He's the only person who calls me Susan.
  15. It's nice to have predictability in such a hectic city.