To balance out my mental state after making my previous list.
  1. I sent a Mother's Day card to my mom AND Oma
    Oma lives in Canada and that takes three stamps.
  2. I wear clogs and don't care
    They're comfortable I own four pairs
  3. Montreal callback
  4. Lived in the same apt for four years
    I used to move every year.
  5. Happy/successful LTR
    I genuinely thought I'd be alone forever
  6. We have a car.
  7. Good listener
    I'm able to listen without trying to fix and that's rare
  8. I don't do jokes that aren't me
    I know my voice
  9. Eight years sober
    That's crazy.
  10. My EP
  11. That kickass show the other night
  12. I like my legs
    They aren't weird or veiny
  13. I successfully went to the Container Store yesterday
    It's overwhelming