Major depression is no joke.
  1. All you wanna do is watch tv
    Mostly House Hunters/E/Bravo/TLC/Lifetime
  2. You lay on the couch all day because the bed is so far away
  3. When you do make it to bed, you never want to leave
  4. You stop showering and justify it because it's the weekend anyway
    You can't remember the last time you shaved
  5. Mac and cheese
  6. Social situations are awkward and exhausting
    Isolation is preferred
  7. You wonder what the fuck you have to do to feel better
    How many support groups do you have to go to, therapists do you have to see, exercise do you have to do, medicines do you have to take, for it to go away?
  8. You alternate between sweet and salty foods
    Hoping that your comfort foods will do their job
  9. You cry
    In the bathroom, on the street when it's dark out, at your secret cry spot at work.
  10. You pray
  11. You listen to Ani DiFranco
    Sometimes Adele
  12. You only wear athlesiure
    Elastic waistband ftw
  13. You think about calling your mom
    Eh, too much work.
  14. You consider contacting your therapist ASAP even though you have an appointment in the morning.
  15. You watch Bravo.
    So much Bravo.
  16. And snuggle with your cat.
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  17. And hope that your fiancé gets home soon
  18. And know that you're going to be ok, you're doing your best. This is just chemicals and it, too, shall pass. 🙏🏽