1. *Finishes Flight of the Conchords*
  2. *Watches What We Do in the Shadows*
  3. Huh I wonder if Flight of the Conchords has a web presence.
  4. *Looks up Flight of the Conchords on Twitter*
  5. They announced they were playing the Newport Folk Festival in July 3 days ago.
    Holy shit holy shit holy shit
  6. *Realized tickets are sold out*
  7. Cori you're already about to buy Carly Rae Jepsen tickets
  8. Cori you live in Michigan
  9. It would have been impossible for you to go.
  10. *Looks up price on Stubhub*
    It's...not terrible ($100)
  11. Cori how are you going to get to Rhode Island?
  12. Cori who do you know who will go with you?
  13. I'll be an adult I can do what I want.
    I will not be an adult by them.
  14. Cori you might be in India
  15. Cori
  16. Cori
  17. I have not bought tickets yet.