Names changed to protect the innocent.
  1. My friend Bea is madly codependent with John, who is terrible.
    I don't know why they're friends. Also he has a girlfriend who lives in his old town. He once invited Bea on a date with her. I feel like I will delete this first part soon because I'm paranoid.
  2. John is awful.
    Obsessed with Tarantino which is fine if you have a personality but he doesn't. He also loves Vince Vaughn movies ???? I texted him because he was having a bad day and he texted Bea to ask why he was texting me 😑😑
  3. Bea is great
    She likes cocky, mediocre guys because she has low standard but she's fantastic.
  4. Anyway
    Bea, John, and I all went dancing with another of our friends and it was great. All of Bea's relatives thought she was banging John though.
  5. Afterwards we decided to get froyo
    We were very excited about froyo, I think. Apparently our college town doesn't have 24-hour froyo places which I consider a failure of capitalism. So we went to McDonald's.
  6. McDonald's didn't have ice cream!
    Another failing of capitalism. We got smoothies.
  7. Then we decided to go to Walgreens
    John wanted to get Pokemon cards smh.
  8. At this point I was mentally checked out.
    I realized a better use of my time was taking selfies while John picked out Pokemon cards.
  9. A quick sidenote
    The dance we were at was a Sharad Navarti celebration and I was still wearing a bindi. I was invited to wear a bindi and I would never wear a bindi in any other context. These selfies are important to the story otherwise I would not include them! If you consider this cultural appropriation I apologize for offending you and will never wear a bindi outside of being invited. I probably should have taken it off after we left but the froyo quest distracted me.
  10. Then we discovered John looked like Harrison Ford.
    I guess
  11. Watch in real time as I discover there are far more interesting things.
    Oh John
  12. Like Bea