1. Entrance to my bedroom
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    I tore the picture out of an old book in my 9th grade art class. I was very into Sofia Coppola movies and it reminded me of Marie Antoinette.
  2. Art blob
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    I can't afford prints so I went for a serial killer/art student vibe.
  3. Full wall
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    My favorite wall I think. The telegram is from On Kawara's "I am still alive" series. I make the masks when I'm bored.
  4. Window seat
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    This is where I sit and stare forlornly. There's another photo from that Audrey Hepburn photo shoot I need to color in.
  5. More colored-in photos
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    There are even more inside my closets.
  6. Clocks on the side of my bookshelf
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    I was really into Dali/that Duplass movie where the clocks in the therapist's office all show different times (I'm sure this is an homage to a different movie but I don't know it, okay?)
  7. I might post a part 2 soon. This is missing the stuff on my closet doors, almost two walls, book shelves, and bulletin board. Not that it's important but I feel like a documentarian now.
  8. I'm thinking of hanging rings on string from my ceiling, doing more collage masks, and mounting some cool lace with wax flowers but I don't know. I want my room to look tacky and dated in 5 years and I think I'm succeeding.