1. This garland
    I want to find some way to replicate the colors.
  2. This box
    I already have the perfect box I sort of stole from my neighbors when they moved that I can use. Not sure if I'm keen on the butterfly motif, but I don't have any better ideas.
  3. These glasses
    From Rookie
  4. A neon sign
    Also from Rookie
  5. Suspended rings
    I can't find a picture for this because it is 100% a daydream I had, but I want to hang rings from different lengths from my ceiling.
  6. A lace and fake flower wall hanging
    I'm going through a Virgin Suicides phase again. I think this is from Tavi Gevinson's room.
  7. A teacup candle
    I don't remember where this is from, there's a lot of these tutorials.
  8. Ceiling Coverings
    From Apartment Therapy
  9. This cardboard chandelier
    Again from Rookie
  10. Replicating this Lisa Frank wall
    I dislike almost all Lisa Frank designs, but I love Serial Killer conspiracy walls especially in these colors.