1. Running my own literary website a la Ortberg and Cliffe
  2. Biographer
    In this version I would have unrestricted access to interesting people as if I were an assistant but with zero responsibility. I would just channel my best Joan Didion impression and take cryptic notes.
  3. Something at the White House
    I just feel that this is incredibly romantic because I was exposed to Sorkin too young.
  4. Pearl expert
    I'd work at an auction house and hunt down antique pearls from around the world. I read a book on this once.
  5. Philanthropic Billionairess
    I would wear a scarf and sunglasses everywhere I went and write enormous checks all the time.
  6. Teacher at a Swiss boarding school
    I don't know how much I would teach as much as stare forlornly at the mountains. I would teach English and music criticism. I would write novels in the summer under a pseudonym.
  7. Ghost at a flower farm
  8. Video store clerk circa 1993
    I could have rocked at this, I think.