1. Murasaki Shikibu
    Just a really interesting person.
  2. Izumi Shikibu
    Her diary is amazing. She's basically trying to explain why she had an affair with her half-brother, but you learn so much about the expectations placed on her. "Although the wind blows terribly here,/the moonlight also leaks/between the roof planks/of this ruined house." She writes with such beauty and recklessness.
  3. Alice Paul
  4. Ida B. Wells
    Seriously an amazing person! I aspire to be a tenth of the person she was.
  5. Esther Williams
    I was a middle school competitive synchronized swimmer ama. The librarians gave me the vhs tapes of her movies when they were throwing out all their vhs bc they knew I loved her so much.
  6. Charles Babbage
    Cool dude
  7. Sylvia Plath
    Okay Sylvia Plath is so important.
  8. Zelda Fitzgerald/F Scott Fitzgerald
    She lived such an interesting life. She once threw herself down the stairs because F Scott was talking to Isadora Duncan. He once slept with a prostitute to prove he wasn't having an affair with Ernest Hemingway. He used to steal passages from her diary to add authenticity to his female characters. They were so terrible together.
  9. DB Cooper
    Who is he????
  10. Eddie Mannix
    I have so many thoughts on Eddie Mannix I might publish a whole list of them after Hail Caesar! comes out. Basically he's not the last honest man in Hollywood he's made out to be in the trailer. He definitely had his first wife killed imo. I don't know about George Reeves.