Inspired by @izzy (this has been in my drafts for a long time) Not all of these characters are horrible but they aren't necessarily positioned as pure and unproblematic idk.
  1. Fitzwilliam Darcy
    I am a proud, shitty person.
  2. Jenna Maroney
    I overly identify with Liz Lemon but I am also a dramatic vapid force of nature especially at debate (lone senior girl and dismissed all!! the!! time!!)
  3. The people who hate Christmas in Christmas movies
  4. Susan Pevensie
    I'm actually so glad Susan of Narnia was never written because Susan didn't deserve to have her entire family die because she was trying to have fun after World War II but I also think the Narnia books journey into being super Catholic was not one I signed up for. Susan had to come of age twice and was drafted into a war she didn't sign up for and it's such a surprise that after a while she didn't want that? That she couldn't spend her whole life waiting for God(ot)?
  5. Kelly Kapoor
  6. Amory Blaine
  7. The people who wanted the people in Rent to pay Rent
  8. Juno
    "Smart for her age" and with no idea of her emotional boundaries. "Nothing good was on tv" she is incapable of being emotionally honest but she's precocious enough to talk her way out of anyone trying to confront her about it! (Also the weird relationships with older guys that she thinks are safe and platonic and intellectual but come with so much baggage !!!) Me. This is me!
  9. George Clooney's character in Up in the Air
  10. Marianne Dashwood
    Portrait of me at 15. I'm much more like Elinor now.
  11. Ava in Ex Machina
  12. Lila Cerullo
    I don't work hard because I just need to go through the motions and I hate that about myself. That bit about dissolving edges, I've always had the opposite problem where I'll suddenly become aware of the boundaries of my head and the whole universe pressing down.
  13. Cassie in Skins
    I hate Skins but I care about Cassie so much. This is me? No one can understand what I'm saying ever? This is how I talk and this is how I conceive myself
  14. Llewyn Davis
  15. Mary Lennox
  16. Dev
  17. Julia in the Magician Trilogy
    I feel her to my bones. Wasn't happy with the way her character was treated (actually loved the fleshing out of her character until one scene in the second book that was awful) but I am Julia. I'm desperate and angry and ambitious with a well of infinite sadness.
  18. Rebecca Bunch
  19. Mindy Lahiri
  20. Emma Woodhouse
  21. Heather from Crazy Ex-GF
    I seem like I'm a bitter harpy but I'm actually a pretty genuine person! It is never quite clear if I like things ironically or not.
  22. Hannah Horvath
  23. Marnie Michaels
    Honestly this line sums up why I relate to her. It's this self-absorbed pursuit of perfectionism combined with pockets of complete indifference.
  24. Everyone on Girls tbh
  25. Sam White
    Weird art girl who is uncomfortable and likes to rabblerouse
  26. Dev
    Apparently no one on Master of None had last names ???
  27. Gretchen Cutler
    That episode this season where she just starts crying and no one notices? Yeah.
  28. Jimmy Shive-Overly
    I'm pretentious even though I refuse to admit I'm pretentious but also am full of wonder.
  29. Holly Golightly
    Holly was doomed to be a lopsided romantic the fate of girls who crystallized too young. Holly is the recklessness and satisfaction of always being a hair too smart and too charming to be challenged by anyone in the room, which sums up my adolescence (I wouldn't characterize myself as too smart, but rather as my classmates would put it too "freakishly esoteric" to be challenged which leads to a crystallization of persona at a young age often).