Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. I was 8 and almost 3 quarters
  2. I was about to change elementary schools
  3. My 2nd grade class kept an incubator of quail eggs.
    The majority of the chicks died unintentionally (?) teaching us about death.
  4. My best friend was going to be in a different class than me for the first time in my entire life
    I went on hunger strike after hearing that. Side effect of early exposure to activist movements is the tendency to use them for the inconveniences of childhood. E moved away the next year. We still keep in touch. He would like The List App.
  5. I read Harry Potter over and over again
    And The Secret Garden and The Little Princess and The Princess Diaries. A few months from then I'd discover Alice and Narnia.
  6. I was jealous of people who could keep diaries
    Now I write in my diary religiously.
  7. My brother was about to enter kindergarten
    I have another sister who wasn't born yet.
  8. I loved geology
    I visited every single geology museum in the state of Michigan. I wanted to be a geologist.