Hey! Howhasitbeen etc etc. I missed you Li.st
  1. A Woman is a Woman
    I love the premise of a half-musical not super into Godard's female characters but Anna Karina is just so interesting to watch exist on screen.
  2. When Harry Met Sally
    Platonic ideal of a movie? Every scene works and then I feel like I can never watch another romcom again (then I do, see my romcom rankings and the rest of this list I have terrible taste)
  3. Definitely, Maybe
    Interesting premise, middling execution
  4. Dungal
    Competently made story about women without any love interests. Fine. I want mainstream Bollywood (and Hollywood) movies to take more risks in terms of direction.
  5. No Strings Attached
    This movie should have been a buddy comedy about Mindy Kaling and Greta Gerwig.