1. When Harry Met Sally
    Brilliant writing. Legitimately one of the best romcoms ever made? I honestly feel like we can keep this and like five other movies from the genre.
  2. Hello My Name is Doris
    This was solid! Sally Field was good and it had the best sight gag I've seen in a long time.
  3. The Nanny Diaries
  4. Sunset Boulevard
    Um every time I watch an Old Hollywood movie I express my amazement that I haven't seen it before because it's so good. Lessons: Old Hollywood classics are usually good, I should watch Casablanca. Really good, can't believe this dude directed Sabrina, which was fine but did not prepare me to expect this out of him.
  5. Trainwreck
    Could have been a better movie than it was. Trying to fit Amy Schumer's brand of incendiary feminism into an Apatow Monogamy flick just didn't work? Loved the first act.
  6. Casablanca
    Wow this was a lot of things that were so average for a movie of its time and yet all of it worked?
  7. Populaire
    Very pleasant, very pretty movie, not much substance but nice
  8. Begin Again
    Likable and I think a lot of movies about the music industry are cheesy.