1. Notting Hill
    Palette cleanser after I tried to watch We Need to Talk About Kevin and Nightcrawler. It's fine. My favorite Hugh Grant+American lady movie (unless Bridget Jones counts). Sidenote: Every Hugh Grant/American lady movie has the female role feel weirdly miscast. Maybe I don't understand what Julia Roberts' image was in the '90's. I feel like Scarlett Johansson or Natalie Portman could pull off this role better now? Maybe what I'm detecting from Roberts is just the '90's.
  2. Austenland
    Clever. Less formulaic than it appears and deserved a better ending than it had.
  3. Roman Holiday
    Um okay this is one of the best romantic comedies up there with His Girl Friday and When Harry Met Sally? Pretty, decent people walking around a beautiful city is what film was invented for (see the Before trilogy which I also love but I wouldn't consider strictly speaking romcoms). Also the ending is A++.
  4. Hail Caesar!
    Anne Helen Petersen had a really great article about it. The Coen Brothers want you to think they don't care about ""plot"" or ""research"" (what are they playing at?what is their game plan? auteurs trying to convince ppl they are dadaists? @Me if you have insight.). If Inside Llewyn Davis was asking who the creative failures/losers are Hail Caesar! is asking who the winners are/if there are winners.
  5. Pride and Prejudice
    Interesting directorial choices but there are a lot of nitpicky (but big) adaptation choices I disagree with DARCY DOESN'T ASK ELIZABETH FOR A DANCE AT THE SECOND BALL. Kiera Knightly does a great Elizabeth.
  6. Beginners
    There are so many moments in this movie that shouldn't work but do. The voice-overs work. Anna's introduction works. Oliver works.
  7. The Big Short
    I have literally seen this movie twice in theaters bye. It's definitely a good movie (though not worth seeing twice in theaters--I was meeting someone at 6 and had a couple hours to kill). The 4th wall stuff and celebrity cameos oddly completely actually enhance the movie.
  8. Howl's Moving Castle
    One of the few adaptations that significantly differs from source material I love and I still love? It's visually arresting (also Sophie keeping her grey hair was a nice touch), but not as funny as the book.
  9. Dazed and Confused
    This was not a great movie? I love the Befores and Boyhood so I was really set up to enjoy this, but I found it kind of boring and all the violence made it hard to watch. I was v attracted to Adam Goldberg and all the women in this movie so there's that.
  10. What We Do in the Shadows
    Really enjoyable movie that I kept snickering at. I was going through Conchords withdrawal and this helped.
  11. Austenland
    V enjoyable. I didn't get as much out of the rewatch as I'd hoped, but Nobley improved a lot (oh my god it's just like Darcy in Pride and Prejudice who would have thought). Still feel like Mackenzie's too charming (I might just be sweet on him because he sings in this movie I LOVE FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS). Will probably rewatch might turn off ten minutes before the "actual" ending. I have become an Austenland revisionist send help.
  12. Bride and Prejudice
    I liked it! Some of the changes they made were clever and made perfect sense. s/o to Lalita and Georgie for perfect casting. Was not a fan of the 3rd act structure at all.
  13. What if
    Bland and not memorable. Adam Driver was good in this though.
  14. Love and Basketball
    Um this was truly enjoyable and just all around a good movie I think I liked Beyond the Lights more but this over 99% of romantic movies made especially in the past ten years.
  15. Atonement
    Saoirse Ronan was amazing in this movie. I think about the vase scene in the book a lot. When I read this I kind of disliked this book until the last chapter men being falsely accused of rape is not my genre but both the movie and the book are so drenched with tension and penance petition for Saoirse to refilm the older Briony scenes.
  16. Primer
    Why did I rewatch this movie why do I do this to myself?