1. Mistress America
    Sort of, I saw this the day before my 17th Birthday and I got to the theater late and never saw the first ten minutes. Finally saw them. Barnard/Columbia love this is definitely what will happen my freshman year I will make no friends. I also didn't really relate to Brooke but at the same time I think she's the character that captures best how other people see me.
  2. 27 Dresses
    Ummm??? This was a fine romcom, nothing remarkable, nothing new, 3rd act was bad, will never rewatch, didn't feel anything but mild apathy towards this movie.
  3. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
    Production design 😍. Also the main female lead didn't get together with either of the main men??? This was fun and pretty.
  4. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    This is the one movie that makes me cry. I think this might be a perfect film.
  5. Sing Street
    This was really good and funny? I really liked this (more than Begin Again)
  6. Marie Antoinette
    I really like this movie and it's really underrated imo. It's not a biopic in the traditional sense but I think the movie it does goes a long way in making you understand Marie Antoinette through pretty, pretty things.
  7. Juno
    I love this movie. I love this movie because I still can see the movie I thought it would be the first time I watched it. I've never related to a character more.
  8. Donnie Darko
    Okay this was really good but we watched it on my last three days of English class so I honestly wasn't paying all that close attention.
  9. Focus
    Okay the leads definitely had an affair onset, fun grifter movie
  10. Dr. Strangelove
    This was amazing? The blocking, the dialogue, everything?