1. This picture of Winona
  2. These books
  3. A Wall of Letters that Lisa Frank Recieves
  4. The time I went into the forest to do my calculus and it was really nice.
  5. Jenny Holzer's work
  6. My neighborhood
  7. Flowers
  8. Todd Hido Untitled Number 2653
  9. The Andromeda Galaxy
  10. My wall
  11. This still of the Virgin Suicides
    Sofia Coppola films in general probably with an emphasis on The Virgin Suicides/Marie Antoinette/Lost in Translation. I like melancholy and I like pastels.
  12. This painting
  13. Joan Didion
    "I've lost touch with several of the people I used to be. One of them seventeen poses little threat...", the orchids, California on the edge of burning, everything
  14. Petra Collins' photography