1. This picture of Winona
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  2. These books
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  3. A Wall of Letters that Lisa Frank Recieves
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  4. The time I went into the forest to do my calculus and it was really nice.
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  5. Jenny Holzer's work
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  6. My neighborhood
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  7. Flowers
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  8. Todd Hido Untitled Number 2653
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  9. The Andromeda Galaxy
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  10. My wall
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  11. This still of the Virgin Suicides
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    Sofia Coppola films in general probably with an emphasis on The Virgin Suicides/Marie Antoinette/Lost in Translation. I like melancholy and I like pastels.
  12. This painting
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  13. Joan Didion
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    "I've lost touch with several of the people I used to be. One of them seventeen poses little threat...", the orchids, California on the edge of burning, everything
  14. Petra Collins' photography
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