Also called alternative girl starter pack. 🎶No one cares Courtney🎶
  1. Shoes
    Docs almost exclusively, Birkenstocks in the summer occasionally.
  2. Pants
    Black skinny jeans. I'll occasionally wear a plaid skirt with tights.
  3. Top
    Tanktop or basic t-shirt of some sort. My favorite is my Smith family The Smiths tee which you can pry out of my cold-dead hands. I also have a NYT frontpage shirt from the day I was born that I love but the Monica Lewinsky scandal was just coming out. Combine with XL Men's Plaid Shirt or Vintage Army Jacket depending on the weather/how pissed off I feel.
  4. Jewelry
    2015 was the year I started wearing more jewelry because it makes me feel grown up. I wear a thumb ring and a charm bracelet (with no charms) everyday. I alternate between a ring on a chain (makes me feel like a forlorn high school steady), Botticelli's Venus pendant, and a locket.
  5. Hair
    Ellen Page from Juno. A messy bun occasionally.